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Relocation & Banking

Relocation & Banking →

While some might look purely at the economic benefits of moving to Jersey, the process involved with relocation requires both a macro and a micro approach taking in the whole picture. At face...

Schooling and Education

Schooling and Education →

Look northwards across the rooftops of St. Helier and you will see an iconic granite building hovering majestically above the town.  Colourful pennants are usually flying from its hexagonal...

Healthcare in Jersey

Healthcare in Jersey →

Jersey isn’t part of the NHS and has its own independent health care system with rules and conditions that differ from the rest of the UK, many countries and even the other Channel...

The Politics of Jersey

The Politics of Jersey →

Jersey is autonomous and self-governing but is represented internationally by the UK government which is also responsible for the defence of the Island and has always adopted an arms length...

Jersey’s Best Bays and Beaches

Jersey’s Best Bays and Beaches →

Talk to any Australian coming to Jersey and they’ll probably say it’s just like home from home.  But unlike the Spanish Costas or Surfer’s Paradise there aren’t any ugly high rises or...

Shopping in Jersey is streets ahead

Shopping in Jersey is streets ahead →

Both on and off the high street, Jersey packs a small punch when it comes to the diversity of shops.  The economic situation here is far more positive than many other parts of the UK where...

Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food →

It’s hardly a surprise that many of the Island’s most important events and social activities involve food and drink.  At one time Jersey claimed in its tourism literature to have different...

Fame, Fortune and Formula 1

Fame, Fortune and Formula 1 →

What do the current Superman, a former F1 World Champion, golf stars who won the U.S. Masters and British Open, a renowned author and animal conservationist, a famous TV travel journalist, a...

The French Reconnection

The French Reconnection →

 Not quite British describes Jersey rather well.  Even Victor Hugo thought so.   “A little bit of France fallen into the sea and picked up by England” are the words he used to depict the...

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